Wednesday, 4 December 2013

week 12 follow-up

It seemed appropriate to end with some actual salsa, so today's wake-up music was the legendary Tito Puente's song "Oy Como Va." His contributions to music were important enough to earn him not one but several guest appearances on The Simpsons -- which, in my book, counts as direct participation in a social research project.

Both of our topics this week can be found in the same set of lecture slides, where are also available in the usual place on BB as well as below:

A student asked a very good question about submitting the final blog logs: should the logs contain all the posts and comments for the entire term, or just the ones from week 7 onwards? Please do the latter, and only include links to posts and comments that we didn't consider in the earlier evaluation. Hopefully that makes things simpler for you and us.

I discussed the concept of modelling in relation to Euler's map/diagram/model/mental Rubik's Cube of the Bridges of Konigsberg problem. You can read more about that example in the Steve Ramsay reading I assigned (as suggested reading) for this week, and you can view a low-quality facsimile of the original article here: An interesting aside: a couple of years ago I looked up the copy of the original mathematics journal issue from 1735 in the Fisher Library, and it appeared that someone had stolen the page with the Konigsberg images. Whether that was before or after the volume went to the Fisher I couldn't say.

Another project we looked at is HyperCities. If you like maps and history, I suggest avoiding this site until you've submitted your final project for this course... there's a lot to explore, and they keep adding new cities.

Finally, a motif in today's lecture and readings was the William Blake Archive. Here's a link to a version of the image of Blake's character Urizen that I used to lead off the lecture:

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