Friday, 29 November 2013

week 12 blogging question

For our final blogging question, we'll keep it simple and look back to where we started in September: how has your research question evolved during the course (or longer)? What sub-questions have emerged as you've read and thought about your topic? What new theoretical frameworks, methods, materials, or other context have changed how you approach your question? In what ways are you still wrestling with your research question, and what kinds of feedback could your fellow-bloggers provide that might help?

As Glen and I mentioned in our feedback to the first round of blog posts, we'd like to see more commenting in the final half of the course, and this topic should give you all an excellent opportunity to request and share feedback with each other. As I've been repeating throughout the course, developing persuasive and clear language for your research question is a social process -- no one can do it alone -- so don't hesitate to test language from your research descriptions on your fellow-bloggers.

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