Friday, 4 October 2013

week 5 blogging question

This week we considered research ethics primarily in relation to research involving human subjects, though the question of ethics and research extends beyond that scope, and encompasses us all. That's the premise of our next blogging topic.

What are the ethical dimensions, and potential research-design consequences, of the research interests
 and questions you've been outlining in your posts so far? Might your research require review by a research ethics board, and if so what would you need to take into consideration? Did we learn about ethics questions this week that you wouldn't have expected?

Even if your research doesn't involve human subjects -- say it was an historical project on women in 19th-century newspaper publishing -- what are the ethical dimensions of your research in a broader sense? What ethical questions come into play in your research process, but also in the relation between your research and its future audiences? Are there ethical relationships we need to consider beyond the traditional ones of researcher and human subjects?

These questions should give you all plenty of avenues to explore, which will let us take advantage of the diversity of projects that you're all considering.

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