Thursday, 12 September 2013

Week 1 follow-up

Welcome to the course blog for INF 1240! Here I'll post lecture slides (as Prezi files) and supplementary materials to lectures. Most of the Blackboard material is duplicated here, too, and once the group blogs are set up you'll find them linked in the left-hand column.

Not much to add to our course overview from yesterday, though I'm happy to confirm that Jenna Hartel and Glen Farrelly will indeed be giving guest lectures on October 16th and 23rd, respectively. I've also updated the readings for our ethnography class on Oct. 16th. In addition to Jenna's article which I had already assigned, Jenna has suggested that students read one of two possible supplementary readings, one that's more relevant to information systems, or another that's more relevant to libraries. Of course, you're more than welcome to read both, and to explore the recommended readings if you think that week's topic might be useful for your own research proposals.

Happy reading, and see you all next week for our class on major paradigms in information research.

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